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Maui Jim® Sunwear from the Eye Care Center of Lake County, Ltd. serving greater Chicago Illinois


As with many timely business ideas, Maui Jim Sunglasses were born out of need. In this case, the need was for a sunglass that would eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the beautiful colors of the island scenery. After years of research and development, this became a reality and Maui Jim®  PolarizedPlus® emerged. Most polarized lenses stop with ordinary polarizing film. Maui Jim Sunglasses with PolarizedPlus® incorporate polarization film to block reflected glare, plus a bi-gradient mirror and anti-reflective treatment to block glare from above, below and behind. Maui Jim has recently taken that technology a step further by incorporating three rare earth elements – praseodymium, erbium and neodymium – to increase the amount and quality of the red, blue and green the eye naturally perceives. Combined with Maui Jim’s patented glare solution, the result is unmatched protection; deep, saturated color vision; and a higher level of contrast and depth perception.

Material Availability

PolarizedPlus2 is currently available in all lens materials including SuperThin™ glass, polycarbonate, and Maui Evolution – a proprietary material that offers the quality of optics approaching that of a glass lens, while offering the lightweight performance of a polycarbonate demanded by active consumers.


These materials are available in four colors Neutral Grey – bright direct sunlight, Maui Rose® – fast action sports; HCL® Bronze – hazy, foggy overcast; and Maui HT (High Transmission) – low light.

Lens Styles

Maui Jim® is available in Plano lenses as well as proprietary free form/digital single vision and progressive designs.